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Micro Scale Pen #MU001
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Micro Scale Pen #MU001
  • NO.:MU001
  • Weight:500gram
  • Goods click count:353
  • Market price:$70.80
    Shop price:$59.00
  • Quantity:
  • Packing:

Goods Brief:


Eyebrow & Lip Pen Tattoo Korean Pigment Micro Scale Tattoo Machine Adjustable Needle 1sets


Available Color: Silver, black, purple, gold, rose gold, violet



Each row type needle 5
Korean machinery imported semi-permanent, permanent pen motor imported from Japan, ultra-quiet. This machine can be dual purpose: munsu can be done microneedles. Needle using one needle safer give customers more confidence experience, powerful, quality can be hard, one-year warranty. LED Dingzhuang Korean semi-permanent decoration machine is a set of tattoo tattoo functions in one multi-word machine, using aluminum body look beautiful, use rotary technology can easily mobilize the length of the needle, so popular in Europe with a one-time side body acupuncture health convenient, smooth out the needle, tattoo permanent make any beginner can learn a minute of needles, can fit any tattoo machine tattoo machine, the time to switch between the two machines, tattoo eyebrow bleaching lip liner , to fight the fog full power can be automatically adjusted
Features and Benefits
☆ Taiwan chip motherboard use for a long time is not hot to the power and long life
☆ When the voltage overload power is automatically turned off, safe and reliable
The operator better ☆ while switching between two machines
☆ working time can be adjusted using the power and size for various parts of the skin
☆ Voltage 100-240V voltage for worldwide use
☆ use of market power 0-12V for all tattoo tattoo machine use
☆ With manual brake pedal switch and make the operation more convenient control
☆ automatic computer liquid crystal display operating time and power switching data speculation
New one tattoo tattoo needles (the new needle through the foil blister packaging is fully compliant with ISO European and American medical standards
Features and performance:
☆ use disposable needles and needle mouth piece design health standards votes
☆ good tip B 316 medical steel toughness color fast
☆ the use of special materials silent needle beak needle wear smooth
☆ Built-in 316 GB spring strong scalability
☆ Built-tight fixed slot with prolonged use of the needle does not swing
☆ appearance of fine natural Handshake spiritual comfort handy design
☆ needle tattoo needle mouth models with similar secant playing fog unrestricted
☆ Use this needle operation can save your operation time to reduce the pain of the guests
☆ Use this needle within ten minutes can hold grip tattoo tattoos practical operation of color technology
 Machine performance
1) You can do the tattoo permanent make up, you can also do facial microneedles
Category 2) multiple use of needles, permanent with 1R, 3R, 5R, 3F ,, 5F, 7F. Microneedles
3) the use of disposable piece syringes, needle lock automatically, easily accessible, 100% prevent cross-infection.
4) needle depth is easy to adjust, precise adjustment control in 0.2-0.25, perfect control
5) magnetic rotary motor, low noise, punching frequency: 120-180hz
Simple 6) operation, the nose has a on / off button can also be used in conjunction with pedal