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Thick Silicone Grip Tape #GA010-1
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Thick Silicone Grip Tape #GA010-1
  • NO.:GA010-1
  • Weight:50gram
  • Goods click count:424
  • Market price:$3.84
    Shop price:$3.20
  • Quantity:
  • Material:
  • Packing:
  • MOQ:
  • Color:

Goods Brief:


Food grade tattoo silicone Grip

Can be high-temperature disinfection: 250 degrees - no deformation - no color change - no smell

Appearance of the shape of the gear

【Size】:Internal:25mm External 37mm high diameter 30mm,


stretching space 3mm


【Color】: Black, Red and Blue

【Notice】:Can apply a variety of tattoo pens, tattoo handles need more than 27mm

【Advantage】:Oil, acid, abrasion, chemical erosion and other environments still maintain a good feel, shock absorption.

【Function】:Developed this handle is to solve the long-term tattoo artist's skin and metal contact grinding out the calluses.