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Length: 240mmWire diameter: 4.83mmWeight: 87gSilicone wireConnect:Stainless steel disc..
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Brand: UP
UTS Slim RCA ClipcordBrand: UTSColors: Black, Blue, RedConnect: RCATexture: Silicone high quality, inside pure copper wireSize: 180cm length and 2mm diameterWeight: Net weight only 23gOver 100,000 times fold test.Can stand 20kg pull-out force.Wire diameter: 2.1mm+−0.1mm, current: 2A..
$5.50 $9.90
Ex Tax:$5.50
Connect: RCAAvailable colors: White, Red, Purple and BlueLength: 180cmNet Weight: 74gProduct Advantages:1. The outside of the wire is frosted, which is not easy to stain. Soft and resistant to folding, not easy to knot. Lightweight and easy to store.2. There is a rubber sleeve and heat shrinkable tu..
Ex Tax:$9.90
Length 180cmCopper insideColor: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue and PinkNet weight: 100gKnitting stringConnect: RCA..
Ex Tax:$7.00
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