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Poseidon Tattoo Machine Thermal Paper #TR035-2Four layersPacking: 100pcs/boxGood for Stencil..
Poseidon Tattoo Handwrite Thermal Paper #TR035-1Packing: 100pcs/boxOne layer good for handwrite...
2022 New Tattoo Stencil Machine #TR030Tattoo High standard quality thermal machine..
USA Machine Thermal Paper #TR026Packing: 100pcs/boxBrand: SpiritFor thermal machine use onlyMade in USA..
Packing: a pen + a soft ruler + a sterilization bag for a setThese pen have 5 styles.1. 0.5mm ball and easy wipe.2. 0.5mm ball and hard wipe.3. 1.0mm ball and easy wipe.4. 1.0mm ball and hard wipe.5. Doule mark pen.The hard wipe button is blue color. The easy wipe button is white color...
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