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POSEIDON Spray Thermal Water #TR029 POSEIDON Spray Thermal Water #TR029
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POSEIDON Spray Thermal Water #TR029TR029-1: 8Oz, Price 12.5usd/bottleTr029-2:  4Oz, Price 7.9usd/bottleUse Step:1. Clean the skin which need to tattoo2. Spary few Poseidon themal water to the skin3. Put the themal paper4. Press for a while5. Wait 3-5 minutes is better. Then start tattoo..
Size:4Oz,8OzTR028-1(8Oz)TR028-2(4Oz)Item Description: 1)For a crisp, clean and sharper transfer 2)Reapply stencil image as many times as needed 3)No need to outline or blood line 4)Mild formula - safe for most skin types 5)Vegan friendly 6) Stencil Stuff allows you to apply detailed, precision..
USA Machine Thermal Paper #TR026Packing: 100pcs/boxBrand: SpiritFor thermal machine use onlyMade in USA..
Packing: a pen + a soft ruler + a sterilization bag for a setThese pen have 5 styles.1. 0.5mm ball and easy wipe.2. 0.5mm ball and hard wipe.3. 1.0mm ball and easy wipe.4. 1.0mm ball and hard wipe.5. Doule mark pen.The hard wipe button is blue color. The easy wipe button is white color...
 200pcs/box, 79.9usd for one box.10pcs/box, 4.2usd for one box...
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