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Wireless Tattoo Thermal Machine #TR036Color: Black, WhiteGross Weight: 610gNet Weight: 490.9gPacking size: 29*8.6*4.5cm..
Poseidon Tattoo Machine Thermal Paper #TR035-2Four layersPacking: 100pcs/boxGood for Stencil..
Poseidon Tattoo Handwrite Thermal Paper #TR035-1Packing: 100pcs/boxOne layer good for handwrite...
Ballpoint Tattoo Cartridge Needle #TR034Color: Black-Purple-Pink-Red-GreenPacking: 20pcs/box..
Electrum Tattoo Stencil Primer #TR031Size: 2Oz Price 10usd8Oz Price 25usd..
2022 New Tattoo Stencil Machine #TR030Tattoo High standard quality thermal machine..
POSEIDON Spray Thermal Water #TR029TR029-1: 8Oz, Price 12.5usd/bottleTr029-2:  4Oz, Price 7.9usd/bottleUse Step:1. Clean the skin which need to tattoo2. Spary few Poseidon themal water to the skin3. Put the themal paper4. Press for a while5. Wait 3-5 minutes is better. Then start tattoo..
Size:4Oz,8OzTR028-1(8Oz)TR028-2(4Oz)Item Description: 1)For a crisp, clean and sharper transfer 2)Reapply stencil image as many times as needed 3)No need to outline or blood line 4)Mild formula - safe for most skin types 5)Vegan friendly 6) Stencil Stuff allows you to apply detailed, precision..
USA Machine Thermal Paper #TR026Packing: 100pcs/boxBrand: SpiritFor thermal machine use onlyMade in USA..
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