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INKEEZE Tattoo Ointment #NT018Made in USAGood for tattoo aftercare.NT018-1 Green Glide 16OzNT018-2 Purple Glide 6OzNT018-3 Pink Glide 6Oz..
Package:NT010-1(3g/pc, 10pcs/pack. Price for 1 pack)NT010-2(30g/pc. Blue,Yellow, Black available, Price for 1pc)Made in SpainBrand: BalmDescription:1. Sepitonic M3 soothing & dehydrated skin;2. Moisturize skin & svoid infevction/stimulation;3. Quick recovery & restructure skin layers;4. ..
Size:10M*15CMThickness: 0.022mmGood for tattoo aftercare.Can replace plastic wrap.HOW TO APPLY IT Let the tattoo bleed for at least 10 minutes before applying the film pad. Clean and dry carefully both the tattooed skin and the surrounding area and apply the film pad with the protective si..
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