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Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074

Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074
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  • Model: HM074
  • Weight: 0.50kg

Basic Information

Product Name: Cheyenne Battery Pen #HM074

Net weight: 205g (single machine) 

Size: 129mm*34mm

Motor: Coreless small motor (17*19.8mm, 9V10000 revolutions)

Interface: type-c interface (USB-C)

Structure: Integrated lithium battery pen structure, built-in lithium battery, the battery part can be rotated and removed;

Configuration: Lithium battery tattoo pen + RCA conversion head + RCA soft silicone thin wire + USB data cable + accessory kit. In addition, spare batteries can be purchased separately.

Product parameter

1. Material quality: aluminum alloy;

2. Process: CNC integrated fine carving;

3. Color: black;

4. Travel distance: 0-0.38mm;

5. Gear position: adjustable voltage gear position 5-12V, short press 0.1V, long press 0.5V;

6. Display: high-definition LCD screen display on the top of the tattoo pen (voltage-power usage);

7. Applicable: Cheyenne card needle size, suitable for most integrated needles on the market;

8. Battery capacity: 1600mA (milliampere);

9. Working voltage: 5-12V;

10. Charging time: fast charge, can be fully charged in 1.5 hours without electricity;

11. Use time: The output current is 2.0A, under the condition of normal 8V voltage work, it can work continuously for more than 5 hours, the voltage is stable, and the intermittent use can be about 6-7 hours;

12. Starting voltage: with memory function, starting voltage is the voltage when it was turned off last time;

13. Strong start function: strong start when booting to ensure that the needle is not jammed and can drive the large needle;

Instructions for use

The device is a tattoo pen with a built-in lithium battery, which can be used directly without a foot pedal and hook line. It consists of two parts: 1. The upper half of the lithium battery power supply 2. The lower half of the tattoo pen; the middle part can be unscrewed to replace the upper half Lithium battery, or equipped with RCA conversion head for use, the specific functions are as follows:

1. Power on: Long press the black "●" button on the battery for 5 seconds to turn on, and then long press for 5 seconds to turn off;

2. Pause: During normal work, short press the black "●" key to pause the work, and short press again to resume the working state;

3. Adjust the voltage: adjust the voltage level by touching the up and down keys "∧" or "∨" position, short press once to adjust to 0.1V, long press to adjust to 0.5V;

4. Indicator light display: blue indicator light: there is electricity and is in a working state; red indicator light: needs to be charged;

5. Daily charging: The battery has an external charging port and can be charged with a type-c data cable;

6. Lithium battery warranty: The battery is guaranteed for one year, and the upper half of the lithium battery can be purchased separately for backup;

Lithium battery parameters

1. Input: The device can be charged by connecting the USB cable and power supply through the type-c charging port, and then the lithium battery has its own power storage function, and the battery capacity is 1600 mA;

2. Output: The output current is fixed at 2A. The lithium battery releases the power storage through the activation of the switch key, and supplies power to the built-in motor, thereby starting the tattoo pen and driving the needle out. Output voltage range: (5-12V), 5V is the lowest voltage, 12V is the highest voltage;

Product selling point

①. The operation is simple, convenient to use, one pen can work, no need to pedal hook cord power supply;

②. High-end display, with a high-definition LCD display on the top, rich display content, and the voltage value is clear at a glance;

③. 1600 mA capacity, 8V battery life can be up to 5 hours or more, power can be output stably;

④. Equipped with a small hollow cup motor, with sufficient power, high cost performance and long service life, meeting the needs of tattoo artists for various patterns;

⑤. Two intricately-carved cut edges and non-slip design on the handshake part, long-term use is not tired, sweating and not slippery

⑥. The upper half of the spare lithium battery can be purchased separately for replacement, which is convenient and hassle-free, longer battery life, and more worry-free use;

⑦. The factory comes with RCA adapter and RCA thin wire, which is very cost-effective. It can be used with lithium battery pens, or can be operated with traditional power supply, hook wire and foot pedal, which is convenient and versatile;

⑧. The card needle port is a standard Cheyenne size, which is suitable for most integrated needles on the market;

⑨. The main body of the pen is equipped with detachable screws, and the pen has a detachable structure, making it easy to disassemble and replace accessories;

⑩. Enhanced output, battery 2.0A output, to ensure that the power of the lithium battery pen is coordinated, and the secant and fog can be easily achieved;

11. Adjust the needle position with built-in stainless steel high-grade positioning steel ball, adjust the gear position accurately, the sound is clear and the use experience is good;

12. The charging port is equipped with a type-c interface, which makes charging more stable, safe and secure;

13. Dual-mode voltage adjustment system, short press for 0.1V adjustment, long press for 0.5V adjustment, more convenient for tattoo artists;

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