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Poseidon Cartridge v4(20pcs)-M1

Poseidon Cartridge v4(20pcs)-M1
Poseidon Cartridge v4(20pcs)-M1
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  • Model: PDCD4-M1

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Poseidon Cartridge v4(Inside Membrane)


1).  Round needle add the locating ring, optimizing the shaking problem, more stable

2).  Needle shell number is 100% match the inside needle.

3). Keep the recognize cap colors same as poseidon v3

4). Silicone outside can prevent finger fatigue.

5). The needle mouth more accurate with needle

6). The extionsion rod for each needle is different, Different size different rod.

    Make the needle straight, working smoothly.

7). There are water pattern on the shell, echoing the Brand name"POSEIDON"

8). Good price with a stable supply

Looking forward to cooperate with tattoo supply and tattoo artist.

  • Each Cartridge is Sterilized by EO Gas & Independent Blister Packing.
  • CE Standard Processing.
  • High qualiy tattoo cartridge
  • Packing: 20pcs/box

Available Size:

RL: (0.18MM) 0401RL-0403RL-0405RL-0407RL-0409RL

  (0.20MM) 0601RL-0603RL-0605RL-0607RL-0609RL

 (0.25MM) 0801RL-0803RL-0805RL-0807RL-0809RL-0811RL-0814RL

   (0.30MM) 1001RL-1003RL-1005RL-1007RL-1009RL-1011RL-1014RL

  (0.35MM) 1201RL-1203RL-1205RL1207RL-1209RL-1211RL-1214RL-1218RL

RS: (0.30MM) 1003RS-1005RS-1007RS-1009RS-1011RS-1014RS

(0.35MM) 1203RS-1205RS-1207RS-1209RS-1211RS-1214RS

M1: (0.35MM) 1205M1-1207M1-1209M1-1211M1-1213M1-1215M1-1217M1-1219M1-1221M1-1223M1-1225M1-1227M1


CM/RM(0.35MM) 1205CM-1207CM-1209CM-1211CM-1213CM-1215CM-1217CM-1219CM-1221CM-1223CM-1225CM-1227CM


Red Cup means Round Liner(RL)

Yellow Cup means Round Shader(RS)

Blue Cup means Magnums(M1)

Green Cup means Curved Magums(CM)

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